Ladies' Protestant Home 1859-2009 : 150 Years of History

Ladies' Protestant Home 1859-2009 : 150 Years of History
This is the story of how, for the past 150 years, English-speakers in Quebec saw needs in the community and reached out to meet them. The Ladies’ Protestant Home was founded in 1859, a time when epidemics, poor work conditions, and frequent urban fires made life difficult for the poor. There was a crying need for institutions to help out. In its early years, the Home provided temporary shelter for poor and destitute Protestant immigrant women. Its mandate evolved over the years, with an increasing focus on serving the elderly from the 1950’s onward. The Home eventually reached out to non-Protestants, Francophones, and men before closing down in 1990. For the past two decades, the Quebec Ladies’ Home Foundation has continued to manage assets from the Home's sale towards the purpose of providing health and social services to English-speakers in Quebec City.
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Donovan, Patrick, and Ashli Hayes. Ladies’ Protestant Home 1859-2009 : 150 Years of History, 2009.