Community Learning Centres : Changing Lives and Communities Annual Report of Activities

Community Learning Centres : Changing Lives and Communities Annual Report of Activities
This year the 37 Community Learning Centres across Quebec worked collaboratively with more than 700 local, regional, provincial, and national partners, to leverage in excess of $3 million of in-kind services and resources to serve their schools and communities. CLCs are doing more than just leveraging resources; they are changing lives and communities. They serve as a place for education and community development, and have become an important part of collaborative community change efforts. The stories and best practices highlighted in this annual report capture the essence of the initiatives being implemented by CLCs to achieve change and progress in English speaking communities across Quebec. Highlights of the activities undertaken in 2012-2013 begin with how one of our most important stakeholder groups, our teachers, are engaging with our initiative. The Community-Based Learning approach is just one example of the many strategies CLCs are adopting to impact students and develop a culture of lifelong learning. This year’s activities also included many examples of in-school and after-school activities in which CLC students are learning about incorporating healthy living options into their lives as well learning about aboriginal culture and building relationships between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities. CLCs mobilize community and partner support to address current and important needs in our schools, including improving school climate and reducing bullying. Their activities for adults and seniors demonstrate to students that learning truly is a lifelong process. Engaging parents before their children have even entered school and continuing to find ways to connect and support parents throughout school life is an ongoing and important part of our work.
September, 2013
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Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). Community Learning Centres : Changing Lives and Communities Annual Report of Activities, September 2013.

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