Projet de formation et de développement des ressources humaines : Rapport annuel

Projet de formation et de développement des ressources humaines : Rapport annuel
The McGill Training and Human Resource Development Project contributes to other Quebec government initiatives aimed at ensuring that English-speaking people in Quebec enjoy equitable access, in their own language, to the full range of health and social services available to the general population. Its two main objectives are to ensure effective communication in English between English-speaking Quebecers and the health and social services workers who serve their needs and to increase the number of English-speaking professionals working in the Quebec health and social services system. The Project involves the implementation of four measures in partnership with stakeholders concerned by the issue of access to health and social services in the English-speaking communities. The 2008-2009 year was an extension of the Project which finished in March 2008.
August 27, 2009
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Dialogue McGill. Projet de formation et de développement des ressources humaines : Rapport annuel, August 27, 2009.
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English-speaking Quebecers throughout the province seeking access to English-language health and social services


Initiatives to build and maintain a sufficient capacity of health and social services professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide public services to Quebec’s English-speaking communities; Provision of language courses and resources for professionals and students; Initiatives to support student bursaries, internships, and training; Financial support for research projects that address access and delivery of public health services; Performance evaluation and knowledge translation activities.

Former/alternate names:
McGill Training and Retention of Health Professionals Project (TRHPP); McGill Project; Health Canada Project; McGill Training and Human Resources Development Project; Projet de formation et de maintien en poste des professionnels de la santé de l’Université McGill