Inclusive Education : Socially Just Perspectives and Practices

Inclusive Education : Socially Just Perspectives and Practices
Spring, 2014
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LEARNing Landscapes
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Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Dedication
  • Editorial
  • Navigating the delicate emerging synchronicity between inclusion and access
  • Reflections on a career devoted to the integration of handicapped children
  • The transgender child: A lesson in acceptance
  • Stakeholders’ inquiries about the systemic inclusion of late adolescent newcomers to Canada: Moving from questions to understandings
  • Using universal design for learning to construct inclusive science classrooms for diverse learners
  • Teaching for change: Teacher candidates’ anti-oppression elementary school lesson plans
  • A whisper of true learning
  • Project capabilities and adults with intellectual disabilities: Towards effective interviewing for a better social participation
  • Who are you? On being half Indian and half white
  • Relatedness-supportive learning environment for girls in physical education
  • Inclusion’s historical entanglements in Alberta
  • Attending to highly sensitive children in the classroom
  • Literacies, leadership, and inclusive education: Socially just arts-informed eco-justice pedagogy
  • Funds of knowledge and student engagement: A qualitative study on Latino high school students
  • Storytelling to teach cultural awareness: The right story at the right time
  • An important reminder: Structuring a classroom environment that honours all students
  • Preparing teachers for inclusive classrooms: Introducing the individual direct experience approach
  • Using a bio-psycho-social approach for students with severe challenging behaviours
  • Autobiographical narrative inquiry: Tellings and retellings
  • Science education for social justice using the knowledge-building communities model
  • Unbundling stories: Encountering tensions between the familial and school curriculum-making worlds
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Inclusive Education : Socially Just Perspectives and Practices” 7, no. 2. LEARNing Landscapes (Spring 2014).
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