Report on Youth Employability in the Greater Quebec City Region

Report on Youth Employability in the Greater Quebec City Region
In the winter of 2019-2020, we conducted a survey of English-speaking youth aged 15 to 29 as well as six focus groups at the English high schools in the region to support two projects related to youth employability. Through our needs analysis, we sought to evaluate youth knowledge and/or use of the services offered by the Carrefour jeunesse-emploi centres as well as to gain some insights into the postsecondary education and career plans of the students at the local English high schools. These results are meant to provide a snapshot of the perspectives of Englishspeaking youth on employment in the Greater Quebec City region at this time. Though small in scope and sample size (53 survey participants, 32 focus group participants), this study captures the very real hopes and frustrations of our minority population. At the same time, it also proposes some very concrete and achievable outcomes. We hope that this document can serve as a springboard for employers and service providers to work with us, and members of our community, to increase the employability of English-speaking youth in the Greater Quebec City region. Let’s build a better future for all Québécois.
Winter, 2020
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Voice of English-speaking Quebec (VEQ). Report on Youth Employability in the Greater Quebec City Region, Winter 2020.
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