Learning Landscapes Journal : Education in a Pivotal Time : The Moment for Inspiration, Innovation, and Change

Learning Landscapes Journal : Education in a Pivotal Time : The Moment for Inspiration, Innovation, and Change
Spring 2023
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Number of pages: 284

Article titles:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Review Board (Vol. 16)
  • Editorial
  • Teacher’s Choice: Agents of Harm or Help? Innovation as a Lever for Social Justice and Intersectionality Sabrina Jafralie
  • Education [and Schooling] in a Pivotal Time Debbie Pushor
  • Poetic Inquiry as a Tool for Interrogating Mentoring Relationships in Teacher Preparation Rabab Abi-Hanna, Tiffany DeJaynes, and Amanda Nicole Gulla
  • Fostering Hope and Resilience Through Children’s Literature

    Jackie Marshall Arnold and Mary-Kate Sableski

  • Bigger Than a Cupcake: Reimagining Birthday Celebrations
    Through an Equity and Inclusion Lens Keely D. Cline, Maureen A. Wikete Lee, Merlene Gilb, and Lauren Bielicki
  • Intentionally Collaborating, Instructing and Reflecting: Core Principles of Teaching Practice

    Ralph Adon Córdova, Nikki Gamrath, and Sarah Colmaire

  • Living Out-of-Doors: A Narrative Inquiry Alongside Nipugtugewei Forest Kindergarten Teachers

    Melissa Daoust, Vera Caine, and Lee Schaefer

  • By Way of the Heart: Cultivating Empathy Through Narrative Imagination Dany Dias
  • Finding Our Co-:
    Witness Blanket as Co-curricular Making for Local Indigenous and Settler Relations Jody Dlouhy-Nelson and Kelly Hanson
  • Collaboration Beyond Words:
    Using Poetic Collage to Cultivate Community With Students and Colleagues Candance Doerr-Stevens, Teresa Layden, and Stephen Goss
  • Resisting Concepts as Starting Points in a High School
    Leadership Pathway Alongside Indigenous Youth
    Michael Dubnewick, Sean Lessard, Tristan Hopper, and Brian Lewis
  • Capturing the Shift: Interviews During Pivotal Covid-19 Debut Stephanie Ho
  • The Magnus Effect Behind the Transition to Higher Education in Türkiye: Uncovering Equity Issues

    Türker Kurt, Pinar Ayyildiz, and Tuncer Fidan

  • Meaning and Making: Laying the Groundwork for Community-Based Research-Creation David LeRue
  • Theories of Motivation to Support the Needs of All Learners

    Diane P. Montgomery, Matthew Montgomery, and Molly Montgomery

  • Exporting Educational Change: Unexamined Assumptions Lori D. Rabinovitch
  • Uncovering Embodied Community Cultural Wealth: Hung dee moy Brings Forth New Possibilities Sumer Seiki
  • How Does It Feel To Be a Design Thinking Teacher in Changing Times in Nepal? Bhawana Shrestha, Mahima Poddar, and Samaya Khadka
  • Are We in This Together?
    Why Embracing Aspects of Child Care in School Is Vital to Reimagining Education Andrea Van Vliet
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Learning Landscapes Journal : Education in a Pivotal Time : The Moment for Inspiration, Innovation, and Change” 16, no. 3 (Spring 2023).
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