Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
February-March, 1978
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issued: February, 1978/March, 1978 Number of pages: 16

Article titles:

  • A.G.M. Theme: Quality of learning, quality of life!
  • A.G.M. Resolutions
  • Editorial comment:
    • ...on human rights and liberties
    • Moral blackmail?
    • Dear Mr. Minister!
  • President's message
  • Chivers dies - sad loss for all
  • Hearing from you...
    • Millions to coffers - not into the school system
    • Teachers - please help my child!
    • Hectic times
    • Rare enthusiasm
  • QFHSA submission to Task Force on Canadian Unity: Feds should clarify concept of Canada
  • Polio could return: vaccination still necessary
  • English in French schools
  • CBC wins children's broadcast awards
  • Quebec's status of women council: looking at counseling
  • Canada safety council: watch out for children inside & outside your car
  • Educational congress
  • Creating jobs for dropouts
  • More value for students: free CEGEPs from rigid control
  • Focus on the Locals
    • Sunnydale Park: many programs keep parents busy
    • Edinburgh: provides art lessons for children
    • New Carlisle: plans to give free milk
    • Holland: raise funds to fight Bill 101
    • Christmas park: 40 volunteers run library
    • Magog and District: growing interest in new H&S's
    • Valois Park: Saturday afternoon movies
    • Somerled: children in basketball game
    • Willingdon: it's fun to participate
    • MacDonald High: meet the teacher night
    • Cedar Park: 72% belong to H & S
    • Howick: membership doubled
    • Spring Garden: 'Spotlite' news
  • Crisis in Dorval
  • Annual event improves each year: Leadership conference attracts more delegates as value recognized
  • Short on skills by Joan Mansfield
  • Join the trend: non-smokers majority
  • What's happening to Quebec's children?
  • Bilingualism
  • Grants to study in 2nd language
  • TV helps illiterates read by Joan Mansfield
  • Trend to come? Smaller, stronger schools
  • Canada safety council says: pedestrians should glow in the dark
  • Blitz on Ottawa: parents, teachers, students talked with Federal MP's
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” 15, no. 1 (February–March 1978).
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Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, Inc. (QFHSA)


English-language kindergarten to secondary 5 educational sector in the province of Quebec


Literacy activities; education activities; conducting leadership workshops; parenting skills workshops

Former Names:
[merger of] Québec Provincial Council of Home and Schools and Greater Montréal Federation of Home and School Associations; Quebec Federation of Protestant Home and School Associations