Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
February, 1977
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Number of pages: 12

Article titles:

  • Minister of Education Morin: Supports autonomous English school system
  • Editorial
    • Educational prerogatives
    • Abolish Montreal Island school council
    • June - nightmare time in high schools
    • Applying a double standard
    • A modest proposal
  • President's message
  • Our Home, Our School, Our world - Share, Care, Survive by Rev. A. Morris
  • Board meeting: highlights
  • Federation office needs volunteers
  • Smoking and health, poor attitudes exist by Judy Beck
  • Council of Ministers of Education for Canada, adequate Canadian 'office for education' needed
  • Study revealing: parents want more 'Reedin, Ritin & Rifmatic'!
  • McGill registrations drop unexpectedly
  • Grammar is lost!
  • The money mystery
  • Here's what parents want
  • 1976 PW education platform
  • School system fails low-income kids
  • Report on McGill Council of part-time studies
  • CEGEP success needs community support
  • Pre-school education in Quebec, nursery schools in danger
  • Canadian education policy, QFHSA reacts to OECD review of Education Policy in Canada
  • Focus on the Locals
    • Northview: old time town square
    • Mountrose: support pays off!
    • Somerled: kids on TV
    • Seigniory: provides special teaching materials
    • Christmas Park: sell supplies
    • Willowdale: rules guide parents & kids
    • Willingdon: programs help minds & health
    • Courtland Park: learning [coordinator] appointed
    • Oakridge: membership up!
    • Lindsay Place: how to deal with parents!
    • New Carlisle: plays, quiz set for grade 8's
    • Summerlea: benefit from books
    • Rosedale: parents aid art culture & basics
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” 14, no. 3 (February 1977).
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Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, Inc. (QFHSA)


English-language kindergarten to secondary 5 educational sector in the province of Quebec


Literacy activities; education activities; conducting leadership workshops; parenting skills workshops

Former Names:
[merger of] Québec Provincial Council of Home and Schools and Greater Montréal Federation of Home and School Associations; Quebec Federation of Protestant Home and School Associations