Education and the Arts : Blurring Boundaries and Creating Spaces

Education and the Arts : Blurring Boundaries and Creating Spaces
Autumn, 2008
Series Title
LEARNing Landscapes
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Number of pages: 282

Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Dedication
  • Editorial
  • Commentary: Education and the arts: The windows of imagination
  • Commentary: What education can learn from the arts
  • Imagination’s hope: Four poems
  • UNESCO world conference on arts education: A poetic review
  • Free yourself from the role
  • Focusing on the earth: Using photography and photo elicitation as instruments to engage children as co-researchers in a community garden
  • Art as “connective aesthetic”: Creating sites for community collaboration
  • Angels, wings, and Hester Prynne: The place of content in teaching adolescent artists
  • The classroom as studio—the studio as classroom
  • Arts: Inspiration for life
  • Readers theatre—take another look—it’s more than fluency instruction
  • Reinvigorating conceptions of teacher identity: Creating self-boxes as arts-based self-study
  • Working the image: Unearthing aspects of teachers’ lives through arts-engagement
  • Theatre and critical consciousness in teacher education
  • “Who we are matters”: Exploring teacher identities through found poetry
  • A quest for a theory and practice of authentic assessment: An arts-based approach
  • Inhabiting silence: A sorry story
  • Collage inquiry: Creative and particular applications
  • Research as experience and the experience of research: Mutual shaping in the arts and in qualitative inquiry
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Education and the Arts : Blurring Boundaries and Creating Spaces” 2, no. 1. LEARNing Landscapes (Autumn 2008).
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