Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
December, 1988
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Number of pages: 16

Article titles:

  • QFHSA takes its show on the road - Gaspe bound
  • Coast area needs H&S
  • Editorial...
    • No fed. funds to CHSPTF worries parents
    • Funding sought
    • 'Stay-at-home' mom says in H&S... 'I learned to let myself grow'
    • President's message - our goal is to enhance by participation
  • Focus on membership
  • War toys give forceful message
  • Mediation answers classroom conflicts
  • QFHSA in the Gaspe
  • $1.4 billion allotted for official languages
  • Reading Council cited
  • Margaret Mitchell says self esteem is... key to living, loving, learning
  • Committee and Liaison reports
  • Fall Conference - readers are leaders
  • 'Kristal Dreams' goes to Howick
  • How to build good study habits
  • Good self-image helps kids say 'no' to drugs
  • Canadian illiteracy statistics alarming
  • Focus on the Locals
    • Howick: schools celebrate first bilingual graduates
    • Christmas Park: it was a fair medieval market
    • Willingdon
    • Dr. McDowell
    • Allancroft
    • St. Veronica
    • Harwood
    • Royal West Academy gets a face lift
    • Northview: seniors score with T. Sawyer
    • Beacon Hill: crowd comes out for family BBQ
    • Cedar Park: nature students go to camp
    • Ecole Primaire Pierrefonds
    • Sunnyside School
    • Mount Royal Academy
    • Sunnydale: parents invited to 'share our learning'
  • Quebec doctor wins 1988 Manning Award
  • C.A.P. Teaches that... kids have right to be safe, strong and free
  • LSB appointment
  • Explorations '89 - McGill-PSBGM gifted summer school
  • Safety Scene
    • Safety - do we take it for granted?
    • Traffic accidents & kids
    • Dear Mr. Côté
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” 25, no. 5 (December 1988).
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Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, Inc. (QFHSA)


English-language kindergarten to secondary 5 educational sector in the province of Quebec


Literacy activities; education activities; conducting leadership workshops; parenting skills workshops

Former Names:
[merger of] Québec Provincial Council of Home and Schools and Greater Montréal Federation of Home and School Associations; Quebec Federation of Protestant Home and School Associations