Alliance Quebec Brief on Bill C-20, The Clarity Bill

Alliance Quebec Brief on Bill C-20, The Clarity Bill
Alliance Quebec congratulates the Government of Canada on the Clarity Bill, which recognizes the errors of the 1995 referendum campaign and acknowledges the demands of most federalists in Quebec for a clear framework that safeguards our constitutional rights, as recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada. In 1995, the secessionist Government of Quebec held a referendum that was intended to lead to a unilateral declaration of independence. An ambiguous question was posed that referred to an agreement between the three separatist leaders. The people of Quebec then voted in confusion, with most under the illusion that secession was a right, that a referendum could activate that right, and that a majority Yes vote would be followed, naturally and normally, by Quebec’s independence with its borders intact. And many also felt that Quebec would continue to send representatives to the Canadian Parliament and would retain its rights as part of NAFTA and the GATT .
February 24, 2000
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Alliance Quebec (AQ). Alliance Quebec Brief on Bill C-20, The Clarity Bill, February 24, 2000.
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Alliance Quebec (AQ)

1982; dissolved 2005

English-speaking member organizations and individuals in the province of Quebec


Serve as a province-wide umbrella group of community organizations; represent English-speaking community's interests to the various levels of government; promote human rights and linguistic minority rights

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Formed through the merger of the Positive Action Committee and the Council for Quebec Minorities