Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
April, 1982
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Article titles:

  • 1982 Conference theme: "The family - key to the future"
  • Reorganization, Laurin speaks at Provincial parents' group
  • Montreal's school population, 5.3% decrease in 81-82
  • Editorial comment
    • Quality of English and MEQ
    • Could MEQ meet English school service needs?
    • Secondary schools and their effects on children
    • President's message
  • Computers, a new education 'basic'
  • H&S has honorary president
  • Language tests, journalists pass
  • We need our school boards
  • Reorganization
    • The fight for control of school goes on
    • Forsey says board proposals "threat to national unity"
    • Slide/Tape presentation prepared by QAPSB
    • LSB Statement of Principles
    • Lakeshore task forces activate
    • Draft policy paper reviewed "L'ecole Québecoise: Phase II"
    • Parents committees join forces
    • "Policy paper and provincial tour to precede tabling of Bill"
  • AGM Section
  • Terry Fox youth centre opens in Ottawa
  • 150th anniversary, Jesse Ketchum Public School
  • New health survey planned
  • US Congress recognition
  • Women in Science, Canadian girls need figures and physics
  • "Educouncil" English newsletter launched
  • Bill 101 change, non residents - 3 yr. max
  • Second language newsletter
  • Students given taste of poverty
  • Lunch crunch looms
  • French, English teachers share traditional concepts
  • Coast of Schools, $847 million
  • DENTICARE program may be pulled
  • Claims plastic films environmentally efficient
  • Quebec not along, schools need to be overhauled
  • The kids are great!
  • Council of Minsters of Education "federal attack on public education"
  • College & University news, cuts aren't only problem...
  • St. Helen's Island Fort 1982 Annual history fair
  • Kindergarten report released
  • Pre-kindergarten and the public schools
  • Focus on the Locals
    • Edinburgh: ...and the winner is...
    • Edgewater: parents endorse music appreciation program
    • Courtland Park: I love-to-read
    • New local: Bienvenue à l'Ecole Primaire
    • Off to a good start
    • First annual bazaar
    • Eardley: the "iceground" came
    • Allancroft: Parlons Français - new course
    • Howick: Kids state for trips
    • Northview: new club provides adventure
    • Westpark: "and oh how the money rolls in"
    • Northview: Towne Faire, raises $3000
    • Lachine High: tell us how!
    • Willingdon: books raise $2100
    • Cedar Park: animated library holds interest
    • Hampstead: hey doc, listen!
    • MacDonald High: strong program for Carnival Week at MAC
    • Somerled: 340 students in song fest!
    • Elizabeth Ballantyne: hard work vs. easy profit
    • TMR Survey: more parents smoke than students!
    • New Carlisle: prayers and petitions
    • Dunraw Gardens: neat kids get better results
    • Seignory: busy as bees - and ready for the sting
  • Safety scene
    • Local schools plan safety education programs
    • Bus safety week inspires students to be monitors
    • Safety Week biennial affair at St. Lambert elem.
    • Media aids available
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” 19, no. 2 (April 1982).
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