Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
November, 1974
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Article titles:

  • Bill 22 regulations: Surveillance Committee to be instituted
  • Logan Home and School reaching for 100% membership
  • Editorial comments
    • A combination that cannot endure
    • The history lesson
    • A game of pawns
    • Board of Directors meeting highlights
  • Q.F.H.S.A Score-sheet Achievements and Current Projects
  • WFHSA Calendar: Meetings and Conferences
    • Large QFHSA delegation at Toronto smoking and health conference
    • Canadian and American parents fine same interests, same problems at New York state congress of P.T.A.
  • Presidents' emergency meeting well attended
  • Graham Royal Commission commends Home and School in Nova Scotia
  • QFHSA program committee offers service to local associations
  • Document 16-7502
  • All about Us - spotlight on Christmas Park Home and School Association
  • Who says children can't keep a secret?
  • Focus on the Locals
    • Mountrose Home and School 
    • Sunnydale Home and School 
    • Velleyfield Home and School 
    • Macdonald Home and School 
    • Seigniory Home and School 
    • Hudsom Home and School 
    • Dorval Gardens Home and School 
    • Rosedale Home and School 
    • Somerled Home and School 
    • Edinburgh Home and School 
    • Northmount High Home and School 
    • Logan Home and School 
    • Aylmer-Eardley Home and School 
  • The bus driver and the hidden curriculum
  • The federal grand for Bilingualism
  • Q.F.H.S.A. Membership honour roll
  • 18 associations to date show membership increase
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” 12, no. 2 (November 1974).
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Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations, Inc. (QFHSA)


English-language kindergarten to secondary 5 educational sector in the province of Quebec


Literacy activities; education activities; conducting leadership workshops; parenting skills workshops

Former Names:
[merger of] Québec Provincial Council of Home and Schools and Greater Montréal Federation of Home and School Associations; Quebec Federation of Protestant Home and School Associations