Arts-Based Performances, Perspectives, and Approaches in Research and Pedagogy

Arts-Based Performances, Perspectives, and Approaches in Research and Pedagogy
Spring, 2022
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LEARNing Landscapes
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Number of pages: 385

Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Editorial
  • Only staging whiteness: what we lose
  • An odd way of looking at things
  • Composing and translating poetry: Learning from scholarly and daily activities
  • Cocreating spaces of belonging: a campus workshop using research-based theatre for affective learning
  • Biodanza and other dance forms as a vehicle for social-emotional-learning in schools: a scoping review
  • Contact improvisation as a force for expressive reciprocity with young children who don’t speak
  • Rendering artful and empathic arts-based performance as action
  • Paths, maps, and pirates: how a preschool class overcame limits of the pandemic through drama
  • Poetic and visual explorations in pandemic teaching
  • Indigenous pedagogies: Weaving communities of wonder
  • Evoking losing and finding community in drama: a methodology-in-motion for pandemic times
  • “And so we write”: Reflective practice in ethnotheatre and devised theatre projects
  • Mapping presence: An exploration of embodiment and knowledge transfers in cyber-mediated classrooms
  • How the reflexive process was supported by arts-based activities: A doctoral student's research journey
  • Trans young adults’ building communities: narratives and counternarratives of identity and world making
  • Arts-based research in precarious pedagogy-making experiences
  • “Before covid this was not normal:” A photovoice exploration of college student experiences
  • An arts-based exploration of classroom management through portraiture
  • He-art-istic journeys: Transformative experiential learning through applied theatre
  • “Where are you really from?”: “Mapping” the South Asian diasporic through poetic inquiry
  • Learning through laughter: The integration of comedy into the academic curriculum
  • Carto-elicitation: improvised performances/narratives of identity, memory, and sites of fascination
  • Digital education research: advantages, disadvantages, and video illustrations
  • A spotlight on research-based theatre
  • Integrating arts in a collaborative research process: An arts-informed inquiry
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Arts-Based Performances, Perspectives, and Approaches in Research and Pedagogy” 15, no. 1. LEARNing Landscapes (Spring 2022).
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