Poetry and Education : Possibilities and Practices

Poetry and Education : Possibilities and Practices
Autumn, 2010
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LEARNing Landscapes
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Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Editorial
  • Poetry is the human heart speaking in its own melody
  • How and why does poetry matter? And what do we do about that?
  • Disappearing into another’s words through poetry in research and education
  • Recesses of the young poetic mind
  • Three keys: Opening the gate of poetry to young writers
  • Academia: A poetic memoir
  • Off the diving board: From poetry into literacy
  • Lifewriting: A poet’s cautionary tale
  • The grief beneath your mothertongue: Listening through poetic inquiry
  • Through the gates of loving inquiry: Discovering a poetics of relationship
  • Through the lens of one day last december: A poetics of narrative teaching
  • The poetics of self-study: Getting to the heart of the matter Margaret
  • Children’s poetic voices
  • Hospitality and the hôte: revealing responsibility through found poetry
  • Poetic bodies: Female body image, sexual identity and arts-based research
  • Through the words of a poet: Experiencing a writing journey
  • Of jaguars, anthropologists, and Cole Porter: Poetry & revision
  • Sense & nonsense: Thinking poetry
  • A poet’s journey as a/r/tographer: Poetic inquiry with junior high school students
  • Poetry as breath: Teaching student teachers to breathe-out poetry
  • Boom.tick. Bing! Writing bodies in.
  • Poetic imag(ination): Finding praxis through haiku
  • “To avoid embarrassment, poetry should keep itself to itself”:
  • An autoethnographic exploration of the place of poetry in adult literacy teacher education
  • The everything and the nothing of educational experience: The poetic vicissitudes of Tom Wayman’s did i miss anything?
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Poetry and Education : Possibilities and Practices” 4, no. 1. LEARNing Landscapes (Autumn 2010).
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