Quebec Home & School News

Quebec Home & School News
July, 1977
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Special Edition

Article titles:

  • Bil 1, Bill 101 ... a case of double jeopardy
  • Emergency meeting
  • A response to the federal government: QFHSA rejects deferment of "Freedom of Choice"
  • Synopsis of Brief: a closed society is not acceptable
  • President's message
  • [Enrollments] expected to drop alarmingly
  • Progress undermined by laws
  • Massive muzzling of minorities
Quebec Federation of Home and School Associations (QFHSA). “Quebec Home & School News” (July 1977).
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Fédération québécoise des associations foyer-école, inc. (QFHSA)

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Secteur de l’éducation en anglais du Québec, de la maternelle à la 5e secondaire

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Activités d’alphabétisation; activités pédagogiques; ateliers sur le leadership; ateliers sur le rôle parental

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[Fusion entre] le Québec Provincial Council of Home and Schools et les Greater Montréal Federation of Home and School Associations; Quebec Federation of Protestant Home and School Associations