Diversity and Inclusion in Québec's Nonprofit Sector

Diversity and Inclusion in Québec's Nonprofit Sector
Insufficient diversity and inclusion within the nonprofit sector is a longstanding issue facing organizations across Québec, and Canada more generally. At present, the nonprofit volunteer and workforce do not adequately reflect the diversity of the province’s population. Minority communities do not see themselves represented and a lack of participation excludes their lived experiences from the decision making process. There are several actions that organizations can take in pursuit of creating more heterogeneous teams that invite meaningful participation; each of which requires commitment at all levels of governance in a nonprofit.
Montreal, QC
Youth for Youth Québec (Y4Y Québec)
June, 2021
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Lopes-Luchak, Milla. Diversity and Inclusion in Québec’s Nonprofit Sector. Montreal, QC: Youth for Youth Québec (Y4Y Québec), June 2021.
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Jeunes anglophones (âgés de 16 à 30 ans) dans la province de Québec.

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Partager l'information sur les ressources, les possibilités de formation et de réseautage, et les services d'emploi et de carrière pour les jeunes anglophones (âgés de 16 à 30 ans); offrir des possibilités de mise en réseau pour les jeunes anglophones du Québec, afin d'inclure des possibilités d'engagement avec la majorité de langue officielle; produire et diffuser des politiques concernant les jeunes anglophones du Québec.

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