Network News

Network News
[July, 2021]
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Article titles:

  • President’s Message
  • Charter-free Zone
  • Linguistic Duality Crumbling
  • Letter-writing campaign
  • Too Few English-speaking Voices
  • QCGN Recognizes Indigenous People on Whose Territories We Live, Work and Play
  • Asymmetry Would Undermine Equality of French and English, Senate Committee Reports
  • Commissioner Raises Concerns about Asymmetry
  • Our Place in Quebec and Canada
  • QCGN Gathers and Publishes 2022–2023 Community Development Priorities
  • Strategic Growth Plan
  • Provincial Advisory Committee Annual Report 2018–2019: Contested and Troubling
  • Do You Want to Receive Quebec Government Documents in English?
  • Preparing for the Next Federal Election
  • Bishop’s Forum Back for 2021
  • Brian Rock and Lynn Travers Honoured by Retired School Educators’ Association
Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN). “Network News” (July 2021).
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Organismes, personnes, groupes communautaires, établissements et leaders d’expression anglaise du Québec

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Occasions de réseautage, de dialogue et de collaboration entre ses membres; service d’expertise éprouvée et réalisation d’études et de dossiers; développement de projets locaux; promotion des initiatives de vitalité communautaire

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