Employment Profile of English Speakers in Côte-Nord

Employment Profile of English Speakers in Côte-Nord
This profile aims to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the employment issues faced by Côte-Nord’s English-speaking communities by surveying the most comprehensive information on the demographic and labour force conditions of English speakers in the region. The profile compiles the available data on English speakers’ employment status with respect to their position as linguistic minorities in majority French-speaking communities. For this reason, most of the information presented in this profile is organized by the two linguistic categories of English speakers and French speakers. In addition to examining the demographics and labour force of the English-speaking population, this profile also surveys Côte-Nord’s economic structure, as well as the work activity, income, and educational attainment of workers with the goal of providing a more holistic picture of employment and employability.
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Based on the 2016 Census of Canada and data from the Institut de la statistique du Québec

Provincial Employment Roundtable (PERT). Employment Profile of English Speakers in Côte-Nord, 2022.
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