Bill 10's Impact on Advisory Committees : Info sheet no.7

Bill 10's Impact on Advisory Committees : Info sheet no.7
Bill 10, provides for a new volunteer committee available, if requested, to each and every merged institution under the responsibility of a Centre Intégré (CI). The committee is known as an Advisory Committee for the specific merged institution. The role of an Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the board of the CI into which the former institution was merged with respect to preservation of the cultural, historic, linguistic, and local characteristics of the merged institution. When applicable it also establishes the necessary ties with the foundation related to, and with the persons responsible for research activities in the merged institution. For more about the reorganization of health institutions see Info sheet no. 1 on Bill 10’s impact on the status of public institutions.
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Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN). Bill 10’s Impact on Advisory Committees : Info Sheet No.7, n.d.
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