Imagining a Broadcast and Media Strategy for Quebec's Official Language Minority

Imagining a Broadcast and Media Strategy for Quebec's Official Language Minority
This study revealed several opportunities to increase the quantity and quality of production, which have previously been overlooked, because of a lack of consistent/persistent consultations with a variety of interlocutors. These include: CRTC, Canada Media Fund, Telefilm and Société de développement des enterprises culturelles (SODEC), as well as television broadcasters, including Vidéotron/VOX, which have a responsibility to support or produce community-based television for its English-language subscribers. This study also revealed that a good deal of radio production with strong local content is being created, which could be more widely distributed via the web. A web-based cyber portal could be created to aggregate existing content and make it available to all English-speaking communities throughout Quebec.
Montreal, Quebec
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English Language Arts Network (ELAN). Imagining a Broadcast and Media Strategy for Quebec’s Official Language Minority. Montreal, Quebec, 2011.
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