Leadership in an Era of Change

Leadership in an Era of Change
Spring, 2008
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LEARNing Landscapes
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Number of pages: 230

Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Editorial
  • Commentary: The role of leadership in the twenty-first century
  • Commentary: Learning and leading in a connected world
  • Commentaire : Le leadership : Une réflexion
  • Commentary: Reflections on leadership
  • Commentary: Grow tomorrow’s school leaders? Plant some seeds today!
  • Leadership and conceptions of organization: Contours of the distributed perspective
  • Distributed leadership: Would knowing more about it then have produced a more effective professional development design?
  • What can sport expertise teach us about educational leadership?
  • Schools as centres of change not centres of blame: Constructing bridges between policy and practice
  • Learning to lead: Lessons from the field
  • The novice with expertise: Is there a leadership role for preservice teachers in times of educational change?
  • Building leadership capacity among student teachers: A narrative inquiry into relational continuity in student teachers’ field placements
  • Learning to lead: A new teacher’s perspectives on teacher leadership
  • Stepping up to leadership
  • In the golden fall days
  • Students helping students
  • Developing leadership through the cape farewell expedition
  • The arts & leadership: Now that we can do anything, what will we do?
  • Secondhand philosophy
  • Using a theatre as representation scenario as a teaching vehicle in B.Ed and M.Ed preparation programs
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Leadership in an Era of Change” 1, no. 2. LEARNing Landscapes (Spring 2008).
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