Understanding Ways of Knowing : Insights and Illustrations

Understanding Ways of Knowing : Insights and Illustrations
Spring, 2019
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LEARNing Landscapes
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Number of pages: 317

Article titles:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Review board
  • Dedication
  • Editorial
  • The journey to a wider understanding of ways of knowing: Knowledge translation and the arts
  • Global robotics competition meets inclusive education: The exceptional journey of five resilient students
  • Articulating ideas and meaning through the use of comics
  • The Ormiston philosophy: A changing education paradigm
  • Black male students negotiate ways of knowing themselves during digital storytelling
  • Revisiting and disrupting uncritical diversity narratives through autoethnography and cellphilming
  • Honoring children’s ways of knowing: A story of trust and transformation in a kindergarten classroom
  • Perceptions that early learning teachers have about outdoor play and nature
  • Remembering childhood play
  • The first peoples principles of learning: An opportunity for settler teacher self-inquiry
  • Understanding tension-filled tenure track stories: Currere, autobiographical scholarship, and photography
  • Reflexivity as a process for coming into knowing
  • Alleviating anxiety through the abecedarian: On supporting new doctoral students
  • Working with avatars and high schoolers to teach qualitative methods to undergraduates
  • Culturally sustaining pedagogy through arts-based learning: Preservice teachers engage emergent bilinguals  
  • Creating a context for girl of color ways of knowing through feminist of color playwriting
  • Communities of knowing: Curriculum making in/of community
  • Relief: Observations on creative nonfiction as pedagogy
  • Klangfarbenmelodie: Learner identity and the creative arts
  • Learners’ identity through soundscape composition: Extending the pedagogies of Loris Malaguzzi with music
  • Connecting classroom to community through photovoice: Pedagogical implications
  • Knowing teaching poetically
Leading English Education and Resource Network (LEARN). “Understanding Ways of Knowing : Insights and Illustrations” 12, no. 1. LEARNing Landscapes (Spring 2019).
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